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Get Better by Reading-11/30/12 Links

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On my Outlook task list is a recurring task that pops up each weekday that says “Get Better by Reading”. One of my objectives each day is to make a point to read something that will help me improve my investment skill. I try to find practical things to read that are focused on specific ideas, investment methods/strategies, general value investing concepts, or profiles of investors I follow. Occasionally I’ll post links that I find valuable enough to share: Warren […]

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Base Hit Investing Blog

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This is the first post on my blog. I have long been interested in value investing and thanks to the web and the plethora of excellent resources, I’ve been able to learn an incredible amount over the years simply by reading ideas and thoughts from other successful investors. Writing down ideas can be extremely valuable to the learning process, and so I thought I’d begin writing a blog as an extension of my investment journal that I keep on a […]