The Best Work Harder Than Everyone Else

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I was just going through my twitter feed and reading a few blog posts that caught my eye while watching the Dallas Cowboys come back to beat the Steelers in overtime in a crucial matchup of 7-6 teams. I came across this post from one of my favorite bloggers Goeff Gannon and in the post, he discusses a very underrated and rarely talked about character trait of Buffett, Graham and some of the greatest investors in history. The secret is […]

Walter Schloss Discusses Investing Concepts and His Investing Approach

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Walter Schloss is arguably my favorite investor to study/read about. I’ve got pages of notes on him in my investment diary and I’ll post more pieces about him as this blog develops. I’m always re-reading his notes as he provides a great road map to methodically building superior investment results, which is what this blog is all about. Here are some of my notes that I was just re-reading from a lecture Schloss did at Columbia Business School back in […]

Buffett: This is What Creates Huge Opportunity

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I was watching an old video of Warren Buffett talking to University of Georgia students from 2001, just after the tech bubble burst. It’s a great video to watch (as are most videos when Buffett is giving a lecture). One of the highlights for me is listening to Buffett discuss his very basic philosophy on value investing and why it works. At around the 50 minute mark of this video, he gets asked this question (paraphrasing): How is the recent […]

NYSE Yearly Price Data 1825-1915

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I love history and I love stocks, so naturally I’m always interested when I come across something interesting on stock market history. Over the weekend I happened to stumble across an excel file I have saved in my archives that I labeled “NYSE Yearly Data 1825-1915”. As you can infer from the title, this file has all of the yearly closing prices from the New York Stock Exchange from 1825-1915. It is essentially the NYSE average going back nearly 200 […]

Investing Quotes-Bruce Berkowitz

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“I think our philosophy makes a lot of sense. We’re doing nothing more than what the wealthiest individuals in the world have done. We act like owners. We focus on very few companies. We try and know what you can know. We try and only buy a few companies which we believe have been built to last in all environments. We recognize that you only need a few good ideas in a lifetime to be fabulously wealthy…. We’re always trying to wonder what […]

Quick Example of Why “Efficient Market Hypothesis” is Wrong

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The Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) has long been a staple among academics and business schools. The basic premise behind EMH is that markets are efficient in the processing of information; meaning that stock prices always reflect all publicly known facts, and as new facts become public knowledge, the market instantly updates this information and the stock price fluctuates accordingly. The EMH implies that there is no possible way (absent of illegal insider information) for an investor to consistently pick a group […]

Get Better by Reading-12/5/12 Links

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On my Outlook task list is a recurring task that pops up each weekday that says “Get Better by Reading”. One of my objectives each day is to make a point to read something that will help me improve my investment skill. I try to find practical things to read that are focused on specific ideas, investment methods/strategies, general value investing concepts, or profiles of investors I follow. Occasionally I’ll post links that I find valuable enough to share: Market […]

Big Lots: An Example of How Neglect is Profitable

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I came in this morning and noticed one of the stocks I follow reported earnings this morning. Shares of Big Lots (BIG) are up about 10% after reporting better than expected bottom line results. I haven’t had a chance to read through the full results yet, having just glanced at the headline results, but this is an example of a classic situation I try to take advantage of… Big Lots has been appearing on the 52 week low list (a […]

42% per year by buying “5-star wide moat” stocks?

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I use two main tools on a daily basis while doing my stock analysis and research: Value Line and Morningstar. Both provide a great long term history of company financial data all in one place, making it very easy to determine if a particular stock is worth investigating further. I use Value Line as more of a magazine to flip through stock tables on a daily basis looking for ideas. I use Morningstar as a way to quickly plug in ticker […]

Walter Schloss Factors Needed to Make Money in the Stock Market

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The following is a list of investment tenets and principles that Walter Schloss put together in 1994. Schloss is one of my Superinvestors that I model much of my investment philosophy and strategy after. Schloss averaged over 20% per year from 1955-2002 while running his private investment partnership (vs. the market’s 7%). Read more about his ideas on my Walter Schloss resource page. Here are the 16 “Factors Needed to Make Money in the Stock Market”. Notice the simplicity in […]