Joel Greenblatt

Joel Greenblatt Special Situation Investing Notes Part 1

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One of the blogs I read often ( recently did a blog post that contained links to some of his notes from a value investing class audited at Columbia. He doesn’t list who the investor is in his notes, as he says he wants his readers to be unbiased as they read through the notes. As I read through the first link that he calls Class Notes-Introduction to Value Investing for Special Situations, it’s clear that the class is being […]

Bruce Berkowitz

Bruce Berkowitz Interview at University of Miami

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I came across an interview that the University of Miami did recently with Bruce Berkowitz of Fairholme Funds. Berkowitz is famous for putting together one of the best records of the last decade in the mutual fund industry, returning about 11% per year since 2000 (with billions of dollars of AUM) vs the market’s 0%. Berkowitz is famous for taking big, concentrated positions, and he isn’t always right, but his big positions are the reason for his dramatic outperformance. He […]