Top 25 Compounders that are Cheap; & Some Thoughts on Investment Process

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Investors use all kinds of inputs to make investment decisions. When looking for individual stocks to buy, “bottom up” investors use balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow data to make decisions on whether or not to buy the stock in question. Over the years my investment strategy has shifted to focus more on balance sheet numbers. Probably half of my screens and scans revolve around cheapness relative to assets, and the other half still use multiples of earnings/cash flow/sales, etc… […]

Jos. A Bank at a 2-year Low & Some Thoughts on Momentum vs Mean Reversion

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I was going through my daily routine of looking through stock lists and scans, and one of the lists I like to watch is the 52 week low list. Buffett and Walter Schloss have both said that they look at this list each and every day, so I thought it would be good to copy that part of their routine. However, I will mention a few warnings to heed if anyone wants to use this list as a watchlist. There […]

Successful Investing Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

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I’ve been reading through Money Masters of Our Time by John Train. I’m about halfway through the book, which covers 17 great investors with long term performance records including the likes of Buffett, Graham, Soros, Steinhardt, Neff, Robertson, Templeton, Lynch along with a number of others. One of the things I do on a regular basis is read and review books and articles written by or about successful investors such as the ones mentioned above. It’s the best way I […]

Mohnish Pabrai on Patience, Advice from Buffett, and What Ever Happened to Rick Guerin?

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I just came across an interview that the Motley Fool did with Mohnish Pabrai earlier this month. Pabrai is one of my favorite investors to learn from. He is very smart, but he uses simple strategies, simple logic, and common sense ideas, which are main objectives of mine here at Base Hit Investing. Pabrai is well known for being the winning bidder for a charity auction where the winner got to have lunch with Warren Buffett. In this short interview […]

Simplicity and Efficiency in 2013

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Wanted to write a quick post on some thoughts regarding simplifying my investment routine and becoming more efficient… I took a few weeks off from posting over Christmas and New Years to finalize some goals and business plans for the upcoming year. I’m going to continue writing down ideas on this blog going forward. I’ve always felt writing can improve clarity and understanding, and that is a key objective for this blog: to improve investment results. My hope is to […]