Ben Graham’s 4 Rules for the Defensive Investor

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“All knowledge is cumulative.” -Mohnish Pabrai The other day I was driving around listening to Ben Graham’s The Intelligent Investor “book on CD” that I received as a gift last year. I first read The Intelligent Investor 7 years ago, and it changed the way I think about investing, as it does for many others who read it for the first time. I’ve read the book twice, but I’ve listened to the CD about six or seven times since getting it last fall. There […]

Tweedy Brown-Reasons to Own Dividend Stocks

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Did some studying on some Tweedy Brown material today… Tweedy Brown is a famous Wall Street value investing firm. It started as a brokerage (they were Ben Graham’s and Warren Buffett’s broker at one time). The brokerage was influenced heavily by Graham, and subsequently Buffett, and eventually started their own money management business, which became extremely successful. The firm managed hedge funds and mutual funds. They have four mutual funds focused on value investing. One specifically is focused on dividend […]

Warren Buffett & Ben Graham on Diversification & Investment Philosophy Differences

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“Interesting possibilities abound on the financial scene, and the intelligent and enterprising investor should be able to find both enjoyment and profit in this three-ring circus. Excitement is guaranteed.” –Ben Graham, from the postscript of The Intelligent Investor.  I was listening to the tribute video that came out a few days ago on Ben Graham. It’s a great video put together by Columbia Business School, and I highly recommend taking a listen to it. In it, the producers interview Warren […]

Get Better by Reading-2/6/13 Links

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On my Outlook task list is a recurring task that pops up each weekday that says “Get Better by Reading”. One of my objectives each day is to make a point to read something that will help me improve my investment skill. I try to find practical things to read that are focused on specific ideas, investment methods/strategies, general value investing concepts, or profiles of investors I follow. Occasionally I’ll post links that I find valuable enough to share: Lane […]

Video Tribute to Ben Graham

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I came across a video on Ben Graham over the weekend that was put together by the Heilbrunn Center at Columbia Business School. The Heilbrunn Center website is itself a great source for value investing, and they did a great job with this video. It’s about 15 minutes long and is filled with short interview highlights with heavy hitter investors such as Warren Buffett, Irving Kahn, and Edwin Schloss (Walter Schloss’ son and investment partner) to name a few. The […]

Couple Thoughts on Wells Fargo (WFC)

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I was reading one of my favorite blogs that I just only recently discovered called Brooklyn Investor. He does a great job at doing thorough analysis on companies, and some of the posts are good case studies to learn from. He had a couple posts last week on Wells Fargo (WFC), which I found interesting. Of course, WFC is one of the top 4 largest banks in the country, and with a market cap just shy of $200 Billion, it’s […]

The Value Portfolios I Track

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The market has been on a tear, similar to the start it got last January in 2012. The problem is that we’re 16% higher than last January, and valuations are stretched, making life difficult for investors who focus on finding bargains. However, I don’t believe the market is extremely overvalued… at least I’m finding some investment ideas in smaller stocks, and there are still enough cheap stocks out there to allocate some, if not all, of your capital. Of course, […]