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Some Comments on Saber Capital’s Investment Approach

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I did an interview that was published on Forbes’ website last week. For readers who have some spare time this week in between your Thanksgiving prep-work and travel plans, feel free to give it a read. In the interview, we talk about my general approach to investing, some thoughts on a few companies including one of my investments (Tencent Holdings), as well as some opinions on active vs. passive investing. I mention in the interview that my approach could be […]

Charlie Munger

Buffett 1972 Letter to See’s Candies

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I recently came across a letter that Buffett sent to Chuck Huggins, the CEO of See’s Candies in 1972 (thanks to Marcelo Lima at Heller House for posting it). See’s is a case study that has been dissected from every angle, but this was a letter I hadn’t seen before, so I thought some notes I wrote while reading it. In the letter, Buffett attempts to give some general advice on the distribution, merchandising, and marketing of the chocolates. The […]