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This is the first post on my blog. I have long been interested in value investing and thanks to the web and the plethora of excellent resources, I’ve been able to learn an incredible amount over the years simply by reading ideas and thoughts from other successful investors.

Writing down ideas can be extremely valuable to the learning process, and so I thought I’d begin writing a blog as an extension of my investment journal that I keep on a Word doc. But I also thought that some of the things I’ve learned and the books/resources I’ve read would be helpful to potential readers as they develop their own investment process. I’ve always enjoyed interacting with other investors through blogs and websites so I decided to set up the site with the dual-mandate of improving my own game while simultaneously sharing info/ideas/resources that will hopefully teach/help other investors who are serious about achieving long term superior investment results.

In the process, I’m hoping to connect with like-minded investors so we can share specific ideas and investment thoughts.

I’ll have some static pages at the top of this site on investors that have largely impacted my own investment ideas as well as pages with resources (sites, blogs, and other articles I’ve read) that I consider to be key reading material. I’ll add various category pages as I add my own thoughts through posts.

Investing is a marathon and the key is to get better one day at a time. I spend a lot of my time reading, thinking, and researching ideas regarding both general investment concepts and specific stock ideas. Hopefully I’ll be able to add some value to anyone interested in reading the site.


6 thoughts on “Base Hit Investing Blog

  1. I am just now discovering this gem filled trove of wisdom. I might as well start reading from this point. Thank you for providing this to the world Mr. John Huber.

  2. Some of your post helps me understand between cigar butt & scuttlebut / ROIC (compounders) are very useful… I will leave my footprint on this page to start reading from here…

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