With the dream of one day joining the ranks of investors with long term superior investment performance, I’ve compiled a massive list of resources I’ve used previously and continue to use to help me improve. My objective is to build this part of the BHI blog into a reference section with links to articles, blogs, books, and other tools to help other investors as they learn about value investing. Over the years I’ve bookmarked and categorized hundreds of articles on various sites and blogs and I’ll begin to post useful info on the pages under this section.

My goal is to get better each day. I believe long term returns come from having a process-oriented simple routine that allows you to execute a strategy that is based on a concept that has an inherent permanent advantage. Having a process-oriented routine is what “Base Hit Investing” is all about. We strive to have a structured method that is simple, repeatable, and founded in proven fundamental concepts.

Once the routine is in place, it’s about hitting base hits day after day, and compounding not just your capital, but your knowledge and skill level. A big part of my routine revolves around reading, which is crucial to getting better. I will be using this as my own reference section and I hope others will find it helpful to refer back to from time to time as well.

Check out these pages for some information that you hopefully find helpful:

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