Who is Walter Schloss?

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Everybody has heard of Buffett. Every value investor knows Graham. But Walter Schloss is a man that for most of his life, despite putting up one of the all time great track records, spent most of his life under the radar. I suspect he liked it that way. Many value investors have extensively studied Schloss and his methods, but there are still many who have not heard of him, or haven’t read much about him. Schloss passed away last year […]

Warren Buffett Letter on Walter Schloss

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I came across a link today at Above Average Odds (a great value investing blog by the way) that I found interesting. It was a letter (actually two separate letters) that Warren Buffett wrote to his investment group regarding his friend Walter Schloss. I am a huge follower of Walter Schloss (and needless to say, Buffett as well). Schloss’ investment style is one that I try to emulate in my own investing, and it’s one that I feel most individual investors […]

The 400% Man-A Lesson for Aspiring Investors

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This afternoon I came across an article from Smart Money that is about a year old. I read it for the first time today, and it was one of those  pieces that you bookmark for reading again later. The piece was called “The 400% Man“, and had the intro tag line: “How a college dropout at a tiny Utah fund beat Wall Street, and why most managers are scared to copy him.” The article provides a great background into a […]