The Market Value Fluctuations of the 10 Largest Companies

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I thought I’d put up a quick post with an interesting chart that might provide some food for thought. Considering the volatility in the past few days that was created by the surprising results of the “Brexit” referendum where the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, I thought this might be a timely topic to think about. In the past I’ve discussed how sometimes even the largest cap stocks can get mispriced from time to time (see here and […]

In Times of Market Panic

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I just thought I’d put up a quick post as it’s Sunday night and I’m getting ready for the week and listing some things I’m going to be focusing on and researching this week, as is my routine on Sunday evenings. I don’t often discuss the overall markets, but as I was doing some homework this weekend on individual stocks, I also spent some time reading the papers and various macroeconomic blogs to get a feel for what people are […]

Michael Burry: Focus on Bargains and not Stock Market Valuations

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Michael Burry’s story is captivating. And in fact so good of a story that excellent financial storytellers like Michael Lewis and Greg Zuckerman turned it into main portions of best-selling books on the financial crisis. The story goes something like this: Burry was just a guy writing a blog (before people knew what a blog was). He was discussing his ideas in early internet chat rooms. He picked stocks. He was a value stock picker at a time when value […]

Circle of Competence, Fat Pitches, and How To Become the Best Plumber in Bemidji

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“The way to win is to work, work, work, work and hope to have a few insights.” – Charlie Munger I came across a post on one of my favorite sites (Farnam Street) about Buffett on some fundamental keys to successful investing. I’ve always thought the most important aspect of investing is waiting for the proverbial “fat pitch”. As readers know, I’m a baseball fan (I love the game, and I love the numbers that are part of the fabric […]

The Stock Market: A Look at the Last 200 Years

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I spend virtually zero energy thinking about the overall stock market. I’m always aware of what the indices are doing, but I really don’t pay attention to where I think they are headed or where they’ve been recently. As Munger has said, sometimes the tide will be with us and sometimes it will be against us, but the best thing to do is to just continue to focus on swimming forward. I think this has been going on for well […]

Commentary on the Stock Market

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I don’t discuss the overall stock market much on this site. There are plenty of other commentators and analysts out there that do, and so I don’t feel I will add much value to my readers by discussing what the S&P is doing. The other reason I don’t discuss the stock market much is that I feel that it doesn’t benefit my own investing much either… I also don’t think that it does much good to think about what the […]

The Market Hit an All Time High, So Now What?

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Happy Easter! I’m spending time at the North Carolina coast with my wife this weekend. We’re waiting for family to arrive from out of town, and we’re currently spending some time relaxing and reading. I got some good reading in yesterday and came across this excellent article by Toby Carlisle at Greenbackd about the state of the overall market and thought I’d share thoughts… Focus on Stocks, not Markets I don’t usually pay a significant amount of attention to where […]