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Thoughts on Investment Process & Shareholder Letters to Read

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In the last week or so, I’ve written a couple posts on my investment process. One post discussed where I look for ideas and the tools I use, and the other briefly discussed my investment routine. Feel free to read those posts for more of my thoughts on my process, but here is a quick summary of the places I look on a daily/weekly/monthly basis for investment ideas: Value Line Wall Street Journal Investment Blogs Screeners New Low List Value […]

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“Canada’s Warren Buffett” on the Importance of Holding Cash

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Fairfax Financial Holdings just announced their 2012 year end results and over the weekend I had a chance to read through the conference call transcripts and make some quick notes. I’m always interested in listen/read what the Fairfax chairman and CEO Prem Watsa has to say. Watsa is one of the best investors in the world. He is often compared with Warren Buffett, not only for his investment acumen, but also for the similarities in the business vehicle he uses. Like […]