Mohnish Pabrai: Think Differently to Achieve Different Results

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I recently came across two videos with Mohnish Pabrai. Readers here know that Mohnish is one of my favorite investors to listen to. He is extremely generous with his time, and he has a genuinely interested attitude toward his audience. You can tell that he truly enjoys teaching others about his investment experiences. Pabrai has given numerous lectures over the past year, and I wrote a summary of one that I thought was particularly interesting here. In that post, I […]

A Few Key Links From 2013

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It’s the last day of the year, and everywhere you look are various “Top 10 lists”, “2013 Best Posts”, etc… Despite the title, this post is not such a list… I thought I would re-post some links to just a few things that I have read recently that I found interesting. It is more coincidence that I’m posting this on the last day of the year, and this is far from a comprehensive list of valuable things I’ve read this […]

Mohnish Pabrai-Another Good Lecture

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A couple weeks back I wrote some notes I took from a lecture that Mohnish Pabrai gave at Columbia University. I highly recommend checking out the video of that lecture. In my opinion, it was the best lecture that I’ve heard from Pabrai, and he’s had some very good ones. This week I noticed a post on Value Walk linking to another lecture that Pabrai gave at the India School of Business. I listened to the three part lecture yesterday and […]

Mohnish Pabrai Lecture at Columbia University-My Notes

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Mohnish Pabrai is one of my favorite current value investors to follow. He has one of the best track records over the past 15 years. One of the reasons I like him is that he came to the hedge fund world from the business world. He never worked on Wall Street, and I don’t believe he has an MBA. He worked as an entrepreneur, starting his own company in his 20’s, and then selling it a few years later, pocketing […]

Mohnish Pabrai: Here’s Why Buffett Bought Coke (KO) in 1987

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I was reading a passage from Mohnish Pabrai‘s book Mosaic: Perspectives on Investing. I love reading Pabrai’s thoughts and ideas whenever I can. He’s one of the greatest investors of the last 15 years, establishing a track record that has significantly outperformed the S&P 500, including a remarkable run from 1999-2007 when he averaged around 30% per year. One reason I like Pabrai is because he uses simple logic to explain his investment process. We’re big fans of simplicity here […]

Mohnish Pabrai-Thoughts on Growth & Similarities to Buffett

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I just read an article on Mohnish Pabrai by a magazine called Outlook India. Pabrai is one of my favorite investors to watch and learn from. He has a logical, simplistic way of explaining things, and he has built his entire investment business around what he calls “cloning”. He says that an investor would dramatically improve their results if they simply copied what Buffett does. Research papers have in fact backed this up as true; one paper calculated the returns of Buffett’s stock […]

Mohnish Pabrai on Patience, Advice from Buffett, and What Ever Happened to Rick Guerin?

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I just came across an interview that the Motley Fool did with Mohnish Pabrai earlier this month. Pabrai is one of my favorite investors to learn from. He is very smart, but he uses simple strategies, simple logic, and common sense ideas, which are main objectives of mine here at Base Hit Investing. Pabrai is well known for being the winning bidder for a charity auction where the winner got to have lunch with Warren Buffett. In this short interview […]