Value vs. Growth Investing-Which Method is Best?

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As an investor who studies in great detail the strategies and investment philosophies of the great value investors, I have always been intrigued by the debate of value vs. growth. I just wrote this post on qualitative vs. quantitative analysis. The discussion between growth and value is similar: the best growth investors are good business analysts… they have to be. It’s easy to find a company that’s growing, but the hard part is determining if that company will continue to […]

Warren Buffett & Ben Graham on Diversification & Investment Philosophy Differences

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“Interesting possibilities abound on the financial scene, and the intelligent and enterprising investor should be able to find both enjoyment and profit in this three-ring circus. Excitement is guaranteed.” –Ben Graham, from the postscript of The Intelligent Investor.  I was listening to the tribute video that came out a few days ago on Ben Graham. It’s a great video put together by Columbia Business School, and I highly recommend taking a listen to it. In it, the producers interview Warren […]

Walter Schloss Discusses Investing Concepts and His Investing Approach

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Walter Schloss is arguably my favorite investor to study/read about. I’ve got pages of notes on him in my investment diary and I’ll post more pieces about him as this blog develops. I’m always re-reading his notes as he provides a great road map to methodically building superior investment results, which is what this blog is all about. Here are some of my notes that I was just re-reading from a lecture Schloss did at Columbia Business School back in […]

Walter Schloss Factors Needed to Make Money in the Stock Market

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The following is a list of investment tenets and principles that Walter Schloss put together in 1994. Schloss is one of my Superinvestors that I model much of my investment philosophy and strategy after. Schloss averaged over 20% per year from 1955-2002 while running his private investment partnership (vs. the market’s 7%). Read more about his ideas on my Walter Schloss resource page. Here are the 16 “Factors Needed to Make Money in the Stock Market”. Notice the simplicity in […]