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Invert, Always Invert: Where do Investment Returns Come From?

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Yesterday I wrote a post that started with a quote that Charlie Munger has often used: “Invert, Always Invert.” The idea is to think differently than the crowd. Ben Graham said that our results are based on our methods, not whether the crowd agrees with us or not. However, the structure of the market is such that thinking in a contrarian way often leads us to areas that offer greater investment results. I believe that contrarianism is a necessary, but […]

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Invert, Always Invert: More on Thinking Differently

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“Invert, Always Invert.” -Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi, 19th century mathematician, using the phrase to describe how he thought many problems in math could be solved by looking at the inverse. Charlie Munger often uses this same quote to express how investors can likewise benefit by looking at the inverse, or opposite, of what others are looking at.  Yesterday I wrote a post on Buffett and how he achieved 50% returns, and “guaranteed” that he could replicate those returns on a […]

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How Buffett Made 50% Per Year? By Thinking Differently…

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A few years ago at the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting, Warren Buffett said something very interesting. He said that he personally knows of a half dozen or so people who could make 50% per year managing a relatively small amount of money. I came across a reference to this comment a few days ago and I began thinking to myself: I wonder who those 6 people are? But even though it’s interesting to consider, there are more important takeaway’s from […]