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Get Better by Reading-11/30/12 Links

On my Outlook task list is a recurring task that pops up each weekday that says “Get Better by Reading”. One of my objectives each day is to make a point to read something that will help me improve my investment skill. I try to find practical things to read that are focused on specific ideas, investment methods/strategies, general value investing concepts, or profiles of investors I follow. Occasionally I’ll post links that I find valuable enough to share:

Warren Buffet and Carol Loomis with Charlie Rose (video)

If You Want to Be Well-Off in Life (Aleph Blog)

Lessons from Hedge Fund Market Wizards: Colm O’Shea (Finance Trends)

Profile of Ted Weschler: Warren Buffett’s new Portfolio Manager (Bloomberg)

Catalysts Not Included (Gannon and Hoang on Investing)

How to Build a Complete Benjamin Graham Portfolio (Serenity Stocks)

Bruce Berkowitz Interview at University of Miami (video)


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