Get Better by Reading

Get Better by Reading-2/6/13 Links

On my Outlook task list is a recurring task that pops up each weekday that says “Get Better by Reading”. One of my objectives each day is to make a point to read something that will help me improve my investment skill. I try to find practical things to read that are focused on specific ideas, investment methods/strategies, general value investing concepts, or profiles of investors I follow. Occasionally I’ll post links that I find valuable enough to share:

Lane Five’s Lisa Rapuano on Her Background and Path as an Investor (

Chatting with Jim Rogers (Phil Pearlman)

Raise Your Glass to Leucadia’s Crimson Wine Group Spinoff (

Cash is a Bad Habit Most Investors Need to Kick (Abnormal Returns)

Ben Graham: The Legacy of a Value Investor Lives On (Value Walk)

This is a great post by Jacob Wolinsky on one of the most important figures in the history of value investing. He includes the recent video that Columbia Business School put together on Graham that includes footage from one of his classes decades ago.

My Three Favorite Quotes from Baupost’s 2012 Year End Letter(Distressed Debt Investing)

Baupost Letters: 1997 (

Mohnish Pabrai-Notes from 2012 Annual Meeting (

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