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Investing Quotes-Bruce Berkowitz

“I think our philosophy makes a lot of sense. We’re doing nothing more than what the wealthiest individuals in the world have done. We act like owners. We focus on very few companies. We try and know what you can know. We try and only buy a few companies which we believe have been built to last in all environments. We recognize that you only need a few good ideas in a lifetime to be fabulously wealthy…. We’re always trying to wonder what can go wrong. We’re very focused on the downside.”

–  Bruce Berkowitz, 2000

The above quote was in response to a question: “Why should someone give you money based on such a short track record?” It’s a glimpse into the basic investment philosophy that Berkowitz has at Fairholme. The philosophy is simple and logical, and it’s enabled Berkowitz to increase the small $12 million Fairholme fund in 2000 to double digit billions today.

Check out the whole article from Business Week in 2000. I came across this at, a great site filled with all kinds of investing resources.

One thought on “Investing Quotes-Bruce Berkowitz

  1. Hi John
    I like your concepts and the efforts you put in to contribute to the investment community. Thank you. It is of general interest to me to review the results of the strategies the managers implemented. Sometimes great but at other times not so great. One such case is Fairholme fund where they are severely under performing the broader market. Wonder if the concentrated strategy is the panacea for all investment needs

    Keep doing what you are doing…
    All the best

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