Weekend Reading and Speaking Engagement

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I thought I’d put up a quick post with a couple articles I’m reading this weekend. But first, I wanted to mention to readers that I’ll be speaking at the MicroCap Conference in Philadelphia on October 24th. It should be a fun event with both investing strategy discussions as well as opportunities to talk with management teams of small companies about their businesses. Check out their site for more details or to register for the event. If anyone is attending […]

Apple vs. Exxon Mobil

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I read an article last week by Scott Fearon, who wrote the excellent book Dead Companies Walking (a good book about shorting stocks, which can benefit investors even if they don’t short stocks). The article basically posed a hypothetical question on whether Apple was a better investment than Exxon Mobil. Fearon goes on to explain why he thinks XOM is a better bet than AAPL over the long-term. His points: Apple is a consumer products company with the majority of revenues coming […]

Apple Announces Largest Share Repurchase Program in History

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Earlier this week, I wrote an article on AAPL and MSFT and I mentioned how the two main ways that companies can return cash to shareholders are dividends and share repurchases. I like both, but for different reasons. Dividends allow me to reinvest capital anywhere, but I get taxed on those dividends (unless the shares are held in a tax deferred retirement account). Share buybacks are when the company reinvests capital for me back into the stock I hold. Share […]

Investing vs Speculating

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“Outright speculation is neither illegal, immoral, nor (for most people) fattening to the pocketbook.” –Ben Graham, Intelligent Investor I wrote this post on why I bought MSFT and AAPL last week and I reposted it over at Seeking Alpha where I received around 60 comments with various opinions, mostly having to do with AAPL. I’ve noticed that Apple is one of those stocks that really ignites emotion from people. This chart can cause a lot of frustration for short term oriented shareholders: […]

Finding Value in 4 Big Cap Tech Stocks

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In the process of scanning the investment landscape to find value amidst the all time highs for the indices, I’ve noticed that a number of big cap tech stocks are priced at low valuations relative to their earnings and free cash flow, measured on an absolute basis and relative to their own historical valuations. Some of these stocks are producing huge amounts of free cash flow and are paying (and growing in a few cases) their dividends. These are good companies […]