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More Notes & Articles on Allan Mecham of Arlington Value, “The 400% Man”

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Last week I wrote a post summarizing some of my thoughts on a Smart Money piece called “The 400% Man” that came out about a year ago. The piece dramatically increased the popularity of a small town, small-time (small meaning assets under management, not returns) hedge fund manager named Allan Mecham of Arlington Value Management. I think Mecham now manages a few hundred million in his fund, but before last year he was managing around $80 million. He started his […]

Get Better by Reading

Thoughts on Investment Process & Shareholder Letters to Read

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In the last week or so, I’ve written a couple posts on my investment process. One post discussed where I look for ideas and the tools I use, and the other briefly discussed my investment routine. Feel free to read those posts for more of my thoughts on my process, but here is a quick summary of the places I look on a daily/weekly/monthly basis for investment ideas: Value Line Wall Street Journal Investment Blogs Screeners New Low List Value […]