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Facebook Is Undervalued

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As I mentioned in a note to my investors earlier this week, the spirit of the Holiday shopping season has been extended to certain parts of the stock market, with a number of bargains to be found. In terms of interesting ideas to be excited about, my watchlist is beginning to rival the ever-growing wish list that my kids have diligently been preparing for Santa. I wrote a letter to Saber Capital investors this week with some thoughts on Facebook, […]

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Discussion at Markel

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I sent this to Saber Capital clients last week, and I wanted to post it here on the site as well. Last month, I had the great privilege to visit Markel and speak with Tom Gayner and a few of his colleagues at Markel in Richmond, Virginia. Markel has always been a company that I’ve greatly respected, in large part thanks to the leadership of Tom Gayner, who has done an outstanding job stewarding the culture that the Markel family established […]

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Weekend Reading: WeChat’s Huge Moat in China

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This is just a quick post on some interesting articles I read over the weekend as I caught up on some newspaper reading. There were a couple recent pieces (one in the Economist and one in the NY Times) on WeChat, the Chinese messaging app that now boasts over 700 million users. WeChat is also generating a significant amount of revenue (unlike Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger apps that haven’t monetized their networks yet). WeChat is also estimated to be very profitable for its […]