The Competitive Advantage of an Owner-Operator

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I gave a talk at an investing conference in Philadelphia last week where I discussed my overall approach to investment along with three broad categories where I think investors could focus to gain an edge (I’ll share the slides in a later post). I don’t attend many of these industry events, but it is fun to attend them occasionally, as I got to meet with a few Saber Capital clients who live in the NYC/NJ/Philly area as well as other […]

10 Years of Google and the Importance of Long Term Thinking

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“Google has a huge new moat. In fact, I’ve probably never seen such a wide moat.” – Charlie Munger, 2009 Google celebrated the 10 year anniversary of its IPO last week. Google is a company that I’ve never owned (unfortunately), but really admire. There are a few businesses I almost root for, like a fan of a football team. Costco, Fastenal, and Walmart among others are on the list. These are really high quality businesses that have made their shareholders wealthy […]

On the Importance of Long Term Thinking

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One of the things I’ve been thinking about over the past few days is how important it is as an investor to engage in patient, long-term thinking. Most of us are either individual investors managing our own portfolios or maybe small professional managers like myself with a few like minded partners/investors. The edge we have over larger and better equipped institutions cannot be understated. Our edge lies in our ability to be able to think, and more importantly act, with […]