One of the World’s Widest Moats

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A year ago today, I wrote a short post on a company called Tencent Holdings (TCEHY), a dominant internet company in China and its ubiquitous crown jewel of an app platform called WeChat. I began studying that company for a few months, and last fall I bought some shares for the first time, adding some more shares in December. The stock has risen this year, but still offers significant value in my opinion, and I plan to hold my shares […]

The Most Important Moat

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I recently wrote an investor note on some thoughts I have on customer value, and why I think it’s important when analyzing businesses. I thought I’d share that letter here: Saber Capital Investor Note: “Most Important Moat” (6/13/2017) In the note, I outline why I think that when you’re evaluating the durability of a company’s moat, it’s critically important to consider the value of a company’s product from the customer’s perspective. It’s a concept I’ve been thinking about for the last […]

What is Your Edge?

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A couple months ago I read an investment write-up on a large-cap stock that is one of the most widely followed and largest companies in the S&P 500. There was a comment that basically asked the following question: “What is your edge with this stock?” The implication of this question is that there isn’t any edge to be had with large, well-followed stocks, but there is an edge to be gained with small, underfollowed stocks. This is a commonly held […]

Saber Capital Investor Note – Thoughts on the Election

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I wrote a note to my clients last week regarding my general thoughts on the presidential election, some broader historical reference points, as well as how I tend to think about these major political and macro-oriented events from my perch as an investor in stocks at Saber Capital Management. I spend most of my free time doing the same thing I do when I’m working: reading and thinking about businesses and possible investments. But I keep tabs on sports and […]

Thank You to Readers, Clients, Other Investors for a Great 2013

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I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog over the past year. I didn’t expect all of the great things that have since occurred when I started writing this blog just over a year ago. I started the blog as an outlet for my own thoughts and ideas on investing, but really had no idea where it would go. The launch of Base Hit Investing coincided with the beginnings of my investment management firm Saber Capital Management, LLC. I’ve since had the […]

Quick Update, Recollection of Goals, and Reminder

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To those who follow my blog, thanks for reading. I’ve enjoyed writing ideas down, and the feedback/comments/email correspondence/advice, etc… has been outstanding. I don’t spend a lot of time talking about my business, because I prefer that the blog remains a free source of information and ideas on for individual investors. Lots of good things have happened so far at Saber Capital Management, which is the company I formed to manage outside capital, and that remains my top business priority. But […]

John Huber Background Info Part II

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This is part II of a 2-part post. I got a request from a reader to discuss some info on how I started my firm. My readers have plenty of other things going on, so I thought I’d break the post up into two parts, to make it easier to read. The first part had more of a background on me, this post will briefly discuss how I structured my investment firm. As I said in part I, I don’t […]

John Huber Background Info Part I

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I got a request from a reader to discuss some details on how I started my investment firm, so I thought I’d write a post with some brief background info. Most readers don’t know much about me, so I thought this might be a good idea. I’ll divide this post into two parts, and I’ll try to make this brief, but if readers ask for more info, I’m happy to elaborate. My main goal with this blog is to share […]

Update on Business

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I’ve been very busy over the last week as I’ve been working on the formal launch of my investment firm. I started Saber Capital Management, LLC last fall as a way to manage client capital using the same methods I use for my own investing. I use separately managed accounts for maximum transparency for the client, and we have a $50,000 minimum initial investment. We are beginning with a number of accounts on Monday, which I chose as the formal […]