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Thoughts on Investment Process & Shareholder Letters to Read

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In the last week or so, I’ve written a couple posts on my investment process. One post discussed where I look for ideas and the tools I use, and the other briefly discussed my investment routine. Feel free to read those posts for more of my thoughts on my process, but here is a quick summary of the places I look on a daily/weekly/monthly basis for investment ideas: Value Line Wall Street Journal Investment Blogs Screeners New Low List Value […]

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Tweedy Brown-Reasons to Own Dividend Stocks

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Did some studying on some Tweedy Brown material today‚Ķ Tweedy Brown is a famous Wall Street value investing firm. It started as a brokerage (they were Ben Graham’s and Warren Buffett’s broker at one time). The brokerage was influenced heavily by Graham, and subsequently Buffett, and eventually started their own money management business, which became extremely successful. The firm managed hedge funds and mutual funds. They have four mutual funds focused on value investing. One specifically is focused on dividend […]