Investment Philosophy

Walter Schloss Discusses Investing Concepts and His Investing Approach

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Walter Schloss is arguably my favorite investor to study/read about. I’ve got pages of notes on him in my investment diary and I’ll post more pieces about him as this blog develops. I’m always re-reading his notes as he provides a great road map to methodically building superior investment results, which is what this blog is all about. Here are some of my notes that I was just re-reading from a lecture Schloss did at Columbia Business School back in […]

Joel Greenblatt

Joel Greenblatt Special Situation Investing Notes Part 1

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One of the blogs I read often ( recently did a blog post that contained links to some of his notes from a value investing class audited at Columbia. He doesn’t list who the investor is in his notes, as he says he wants his readers to be unbiased as they read through the notes. As I read through the first link that he calls Class Notes-Introduction to Value Investing for Special Situations, it’s clear that the class is being […]