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Update on Business

I’ve been very busy over the last week as I’ve been working on the formal launch of my investment firm. I started Saber Capital Management, LLC last fall as a way to manage client capital using the same methods I use for my own investing. I use separately managed accounts for maximum transparency for the client, and we have a $50,000 minimum initial investment. We are beginning with a number of accounts on Monday, which I chose as the formal date to begin operations, since it represents the beginning of a new quarter. I’ll be commenting periodically on portfolio holdings and specific positions on this blog, along with continued discussion of investment theory.

My overriding goal in writing the blog remains the same as when I started this last fall:

  1. Improve my skill by writing down my ideas and clarifying my thoughts
  2. Network with other investors to learn and connect
  3. Teach and help individual investors

I am most excited about helping other investors. This has a twofold logic behind it: Firstly, I enjoy it very much. Secondly, communicating ideas is a great way to reinforce concepts and improve.

Improving my investment performance and skillset over time is a top priority, and the main reason behind the ideas I share on this blog. I hope I’m able to offer some value for a few readers, and hopefully the individual investors who are truly motivated to improve their own results will benefit from reading more about my general thoughts and specific portfolio ideas.

In the next week or so, we’ll start discussing more individual stock ideas in addition to regular commentary on the principles of value investing.

In the meantime, have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

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